The world's most advanced research platform for depression, ADHD, and beyond.

iSPOT Overview

iSPOT seeks to improve the treatment outcomes for millions with Depression and ADHD by identifying objective tests to predict treatment response.

The scale of both Depression and ADHD is enormous. In the United States alone, some 15 million adults are diagnosed with Depression and 5 million children are suffering from ADHD. The social costs alone are significant, combined with sizeable health care costs - $100 billion per annum in the US for Depression and $32 Billion for ADHD.

The iSPOT studies are assessing which brain and body markers can predict the right medication for the right person at the right time. This will help to personalize treatment in depression and ADHD.

Going forward, the iSPOT platform can be used for any brain instability and any intervention.

Groundbreaking Research Studies

iSPOT for Depression

iSPOT-D remains the largest personalized medicine research study in depression. Over 1,800 subjects were enrolled, and the study identified objective indicators of treatment response in depressed individuals using genetics, cognition, brain function, and brain structure measures. The results of iSPOT-D enable accurate, objective, personalized treatments for depression.


iSPOT-A is a multicentre, international, prospective, open-label effectiveness trial that aims to identify objective indicators of treatment response in ADHD subjects (versus healthy controls) using cognitive and brain function measures, brain structure and genetic measures.

The iSPOT studies were run by a global network of academic and healthcare experts in the field. This included Prof A. John Rush, Prof Stephen Koslow and Prof Glen Elliot. Dr Evian Gordon is the Principal Investigator of the iSPOT studies. Dr Leanne Williams was the Academic Principal Investigator for iSPOT-D and iSPOT-A from 2008 to 2013, and Dr Donna Palmer is the current Chief Scientific Officer for these studies.

iSPOT Powers Real World Examples

For Employers

Over 30+ employers like Nationwide and Cerner use iSPOT to power their stress and resilience training, using our assessment for over 500,000 employees across the U.S. A growing body of evidence around employee usage of this stress and resilience program demonstrates improvements in brain health and productivity, plus reductions in absenteeism. More recently our data analysis showed reductions in prescriptions, reducing healthcare claims costs by nearly $600/yr per active employer user.

For Channel Partners

For channel partners like Kaiser and Mercer who resell our enterprise SaaS product, Total Brain, iSPOT is an important hook because it brings validity. Partners resell with confidence because the product is backed by these truly groundbreaking studies.

For Addiction

iSPOT is powering assessments for 3 of the top 5 addiction centers in the U.S., and UHS is no exception. Foundations is looking to pilot an adjunctive therapy program for addiction treatment in several of its recovery clinics. "We are thrilled to be embarking on this pilot with MyBrainSolutions (now Total Brain) in what we believe will be a transformative validation of the role that brain health, CBT and brain science will play in recovery moving forward," said Mary Morgan, Group Outpatient Director.